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"Latigo Lee"

Latigo Lee

AKA: Lee Zalesky

Retired San Antonio Fire Department Fire Captain/Paramedic, SASS Range Officer I & II, Texas State-Certified Emergency Medical Technician, former Safety Officer for San Antonio Jeep Exclusive

Member: Professional Tour Guide Association of San Antonio, Single Action Shooting Society, and Range Safety Officer for the South Texas Pistolaros Cowboy Action Shooting Club

Bexar Bill Brocius

"Bexar Bill Brocius"

AKA: Bill Eisel

Retired US Army officer, SASS Range Officer I & II, NRA-certified Pistol & Rifle Instructor, NRA-certified Range Safety Officer, Texas License To Carry Instructor

Member: Single Action Shooters Society (Life member); National Rifle Association (Benefactor); Texican Rangers; President, South Texas Pistolaros